PBX Maintenance

ELAN can provide contract PBX maintenance agreements to ensure your company’s important phone system is covered by our experienced engineers.

Fixed Term Contracts

Our view is that if our customers are happy to choose us to supply their business lines, lower call charges, and mobile phone packages, then we’re confident you’ll also want us to look after your Telecommunications hardware and vice versa. Elan offers fixed term maintenance contracts to business providing a guaranteed response time and service level agreement.

What Does That Mean?

We can offer to look after your Telephone System, your handsets, any peripheral devices (such as standalone Voicemail servers). We can even look after your structured cabling.
Essentially, any equipment which fails in normal operational circumstances will be replaced by us as soon as is logistically possible. Our website advises our customers of how to assess, diagnose and report problems to us.

Online Support System

We deliberately operate a Self Diagnostics and Support Ticket system to establish clearly and concisely from the front line the exact source of the problem. You’ll be provided with a ticket number, receive regular updates by email and be able to track your problem through to resolution. Think of it as like a visit to the Doctor – your GP will in most cases quickly and easily diagnose the symptoms by asking a short series of leading questions.

Can Elan Maintain Our System?

Datacentre Consultancy If you ask us to maintain your Telecoms Equipment, Elan will arrange a convenient site visit to perform a complete audit on the equipment you require maintenance cover for. Once this is complete, we will then advise you on the best course of action to take. Some legacy systems out there have reached their “end of life” and so can only be maintained under certain conditions. If we are to maintain your Telecoms Equipment, Elan (with your agreement) will ensure remote access to the equipment is available in order that we can provide a swift resolution to any issues which may arise.

(see BT Business Line Rental)

How Much Does It Cost?

The general rule of thumb within the Telecom Maintenance Industry is around 20% of the total value of the equipment to be maintained on an annual basis. So, if your equipment would cost £5000.00 to replace completely, then your annual maintenance charge would be approximately £1000.00. This is subject to survey and the level of maintenance cover you require.

Elan deliberately do not operate banded maintenance “packages” (Platinum,Gold,Silver,Bronze). We believe in offering a “Platinum”  service to all our customers, yet we can tailor bespoke solutions to suit each individual customer perfectly.

Combine that flexibility with the fact that Elan PBX Hardware maintence charges start at 10% – half that of the industry standard – and you can see why Elan becomes the logical choice.

For a no-obligation quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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