Satellite Mobile Broadband

Satellite broadband is similar in the way it works to Sky digital TV. It utilizes a Satellite to transmit the data and a receiver to receive the data.

For some people the only available way to get broadband is to get Satellite broadband. This is because either their local telephone exchange has not had ADSL enabled or the distance they are away from their exchange is too far to receive broadband. This is most likely for those people who live in very remote places.  Other companies require sateillite broadband as a robust backup for landline internet carriers, which sometimes fail.

As Satellite broadband is not as popular as the other ways of getting broadband that means that there is not as many providers of Satellite broadband as there are for standards ADSL or Cable broadband. With a variety of bandwidth related packages to choose from, why not let Elan Telecom arrange for the installation and commissioning of your Satellite Broadband Service?

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