Hosted VoIP PBX

Save up to 80% on the cost of ownership of your telephone equipment whilst enabling multi-functional communication with your clients. Learn how ELAN can place your PBX in the cloud.

Hosted PBX vs. Traditional PBX

Traditionally, a company will have a distribution of handsets and a phone system (PBX) at their premises. However, there’s a significant cost of ownership with a PBX. For example, the average installation cost of a 20-user PBX is approximately £5,000 + VAT. Normally, a company would also have a maintenance agreement on top of this and there would be replacement hardware to pay for if anything failed. Also, the PBX hardware would depreciate over time and in 5/6 years, the company would be thinking about replacing the aged PBX and installing a replacement. Then, there’s line rental and call costs to consider. How much money is being spend servicing those? Finally, there’s disaster recovery to think about – what if your PBX completely fails or there’s a problem with your business premises and you can’t receive calls?

Cloud PBX Key Benefits

Hosted PBX Control Panel

  • Instant disaster recovery from anywhere
  • Instantly multi-site ready, with no further costs
  • No incoming ISDN trunks to consider
  • Not restricted to incoming simultaneous call volume
  • Managed and available from anywhere via a web interface
  • Keep your existing telephone number
  • 100% up time guarantee – uses the robustness of the cloud
  • Low overall cost of ownership
  • Lower landline and mobile call costs
  • Next generation hosted PBX features such as:
  • Abbreviated Dial
  • AutoAttendant
  • Call Forward / Call Park
  • Call Queueing / Transfer / Waiting
  • Caller ID / Caller-waiting ID
  • DDIs / Do Not Disturb features
  • Hunt Groups / Ring Groups / Ring Tones
  • Virtual Switchboards
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Music On Hold
  • Conference Calling
  • Voicemail
  • (…for a full list contact us)
  • Online Billing Portal – access your bills anytime.
  • Smart Phone Integration – switch between using your desk extension and mobile phone from anywhere.
  • Provides a small company with the communications look and feel of a multinational organisation

Had VOIP Before – Still Not Convinced?

This platform is hosted, managed and supported inside BT’s core network to deliver the highest level of quality and reliability at all times.  For more details on our architecture and technical support structure, please contact us. Our BT 21CN-hosted VoIP platform is built inside the UK’s biggest tier-one carrier, providing unrestricted call volumes together with a quality of service second to none.

Who else uses this same system?

ASDA, City of Westminster Parking, McDonalds
Finally, we can also offer Dynamic call-routing, mid-call divert, call-queuing and advanced IVR within the BT 21CN Network and FSA-approved call recording for both inbound and outbound calls with no requirement for on-site equipment and maintenance.

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