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Allow Elan Telecom to perform a complete audit of your telecoms hardware, lines and monthly call spend. We will perform this for you at no obligation and will almost certainly find an area where we can save your business money.
Getting to know your business and your telecoms is key to performing the best analysis of your systems and monthly spend. It could be that your company would benefit from a fully hosted PBX solution. Or, it could be that your company is paying too much for DDI rental, where an auto-attendant would do. Or that you are on a standard tariff provided by BT and we could negotiate a better cost per minute saving your company hundreds of pounds a year.

No Obligation Consultation and Report

Simply go to our contact page and get in touch. We will endeavour to book an on-site meeting with your company to discuss your existing equipment and telephone service costs. We will then provide you with a full and transparent report detailing how you could save money.

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