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Save money month-on-month by purchasing your business telephone lines through ELAN Telecom. We supply analogue, ISDN2e and ISDN30 products from BT at wholesale costs with the addition of our unrivalled management and support. If you move your business line rental to Elan Telecom, BT will still maintain your telephone line, however, you will pay the wholesale cost as opposed to the cost direct from BT.

It’s like filling your car up at a BP Fuel Station or using a Tesco Fuel Station. For example, Tesco’s price per litre is lower than at the BP station and Tesco will even offer you 5p off per litre if you shop with them. The fact is both BP and Tesco procure their fuel from the same refinery and it’s exactly the same fuel you are getting at the pumps – however, at Tesco as they buy fuel wholesale, it’s a more competitive price. Purchasing your business lines from Elan is the same. You will get the same lines provided to your business by BT – but at a better cost, saving your company money month-on-month.


  • Lancashire based-call centre Deal direct with your account manager at Elan every time. Our lancashire based-call centre will handle all your queries.
  • We’re Not subject to normal BT lead times New connections can be operational within days, Elan is not subject to normal BT lead times.
  • There will be no downtime Any existing line transfers to Elan are managed by our office and are seamless.
  • Escalate issues within BT Openreach As we have access to BT Wholesale, we have daily experience of the BT network and are better connected to escalate issues within BT Openreach.
  • 24/7 fault reporting and maintenance cover We are able to offer the option of any BT lines with 24/7 fault reporting and maintenance cover. This is essential for businesses that operate beyond the normal 9-5pm working hours.
  • Online billing portal Choose to receive one bill for your company your bills by post, fax, email or download any time direct from our online billing portal.
Contact Elan Telecom and start saving money every month by transferring your BT lines to us.

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