Why Choose ELAN?

It is likely that the average company will have one or more analogue lines for their fax services, a business broadband package and a main supply line for their telephone system, such as ISDN2e or ISDN30.

Sometimes these services go wrong and it’s difficult to know which supplier to contact. For example, if your telephones don’t work – is the fault with your PBX or BT supply line? ELAN believes it’s better for an organisation to outsource their telecoms to a company which works to manage and integrate them all. Therefore, you really have two choices -

Procure your various telecoms services from several different suppliers, creating unnecessary paperwork and logistical problems, paying a higher price for each product and creating confusion when a fault develops.
Simply outsource all of your telecoms requirements to ELAN Telecom. Let us take all the hassle away by getting to know your business from the ground up, and giving it the cost effective, sympathetic support and expertise it deserves with everything on one understandable bill.
Why not take a look at all the products and services we have to offer and their possible advantages to your business. Please feel free to contact us to set up a no-obligation sales meeting or to simply ask us a question.

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