Discount Call Costs

ELAN uses wholesale buying power to provide your business call costs cheaper than you can obtain direct from BT. Our call service is also provided with advanced and fully customisable monthly billing itemisation and analysis.

Potential Savings

  • Elan telecom offers negotiable call costs starting from as little as 1p per minute for UK landlines*
  • BT’s standard cost is 9p per minute for UK landlines.

Key Advantages

As well as benefiting from discounted call costs, our customers can also specify exactly how they want to receive their monthly bills: by post, fax, email or our secure online billing portal. Also, if your company chooses to receive itemised bills, we can present the call details in any format you want. For example ‘ten most called numbers‘ or ‘top most expensive calls‘.  Placing your calls with Elan Telecom will mean you not only save money but obtain a better analysis of call usage and obtain a better feel for how your organisation uses the company’s telecoms resource.

No-obligation Quotation Process

  • Forward Elan Telecom a copy of your most recent bill. You can fax, email or post it to us. Our address and contact details are available here.
  • We will respond within 7 days with a call plan proposal and a unique order number. The proposal will detail the amount you are expected to save, based on the call volumes you have provided.
  • Your company signs and returns the order form. You will then be switched to Elan seamlessly and start saving money every month.
Please see also our BT Business Line Rental and Cost Analysis services.

*This is a negotiated cost for customers with high call volumes.

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